• “With a very limited budget it is too hard to find a really good janitorial service. I was too skeptical about this in the beginning but soon my school was totally organized, wood floors sparkling and all the toilets carefully cleaned.”
    Rachel F.
  • “As a public institution we have massive transit of people every day which requires special daily care with the floor and surfaces. Green Life Janitorial keeps a really effective Customer Service where all of our specific demands for the day can be heard. We are satisfied with the service so far.”
    Marlon A.
  • “Our contract with Green Life Janitorial turned possible to reduce my costs with cleaning services. Flexibility and 24 hours availability also made the difference.”
    Patrick T.
  • “Green Life Janitorial is the place to call when you need your office, daycare or medical office clean! They are first class and professional company to deal with and they stand behind their work. I highly recommend them.”
    Joe R.
  • "Green Life Janitorial Services are superb!  Our classrooms are clean and well taken care of each evening by the cleaning crew.  The owners Antonio and his wife Rosie are so attentive to our needs.  Any question or concern I have is answered and rectified immediately.  This company has really managed to meet the needs of our busy center."
    Christine M. Tejeiro
    Newton School for Children
  • “CCL has been client of Green Life Janitorial for over three years and they has provide us with excellent service and cleaning from the beginning. The Center is always clean and if there are any problems, they are addressed immediately. Antonio and Rosie are always responsive, available to take a phone call and respond as needed. I look forward to continuing our relationship with them and recommend that others consider using their cleaning services.”
    Sally Gordon
    Children’s Center of Lexington
  • “We are very pleased with Green Life Janitorial. The classrooms and bathrooms, the hallways and office are all given a thorough cleaning. Rosie and Antonio frequently check to see that we are pleased and if there is anything else that we need. They understand the cleaning needs of a childcare center!”
    Robin Sagarin
    Rogers-Pierce Children’s Center
  • “The Green Life Janitorial offer to us a high-quality work. They are very reliably, punctual and do the job precisely. They always exceed my expectations. We work together for over three years and I never had complaints. When I have any questions they are ready to listen and answer. The company owners are always available to talk with me whenever I need. In addition, they offer the best prices that fits my budget. But the most important for me is the trust that I have with them. “
    Vera Boehemix
    Winter Garden Adult Day Care
  • “The Saint Joseph School has more than 500 students and 200 employees. For over two years, Green Life Janitorial have been providing a really good cleaning services. The owners get in touch with us and give me the opportunity to maintain contact direct with them. They are honesty, punctual and carefully. I highly recommend Green Life Janitorial.”
    Principal Mr. Jim Devaney
    Saint Joseph School in Medford


For over a decade Green Life Janitorial has been devoted to providing specialized and standardized services in order to meet the specific needs of each one of our customers.

Through constant training, we develop a committed and skillful team. Our concern with our employees, customers and community, moves in with ethics and commitment. We are assured, our employees are legally employable and pay all of the fees that US law requires. No one is paid under the table.


We believe that cleanliness and well-being are inextricably linked. So something less than 100% of satisfaction cannot be accepted.

Green Life Janitorial was born from this belief and adds to this the respect for the environment we live in today. Sustainability goes beyond re-education and culture, this implies not leave "chemical trails" we passed by and using products that aim to minimize any negative impact on the environment and the different forms of life.



Offering the most competitive price is not sufficient. We are highly qualified to work strategically in order to overcome your expectations respecting your budget and specific necessities.


We are improving our skills day-by-day through constant training, feedback from our customers and an efficient supervision that keeps uninterrupted contact with our teams to check the work and listening to their needs.


We also provide special Green Cleaning services for people and places with specific needs. Many of our clients are Day Cares and those children demand special care to avoid contamination or chemical trails.


Day Cares are part of our history. They compose our main broad customer base. So we are highly qualified in providing the best Janitorial and Cleaning services for your Day Care. Check out our special proposals for Day Cares.

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